square footage calculator

You definitely need to use a square footage calculator when you tiling a floor, seeding a lawn, or estimating wallpaper, figure square footage of the area is the most important step. But it is boring and hard to remember the formulas and use them, you certainly do not want something terrible fix by a bunch of formulas, while the decoration was troubled enough. To this end, we bring out the free versions of the square footage calculator.

square footage calculator

square footage calculator Program features:
No Internet connection needed. construction site is not a good place to surfing internet, so, this program suitable for harsh working environment, lol.

Simplified calculation method, you only need to measure the side length or diameter or the radius.

Free forever. We will regularly upgrade program features, the current version 1.0

Square feet calculator using guide:
Rectangular: Just measure the length and width whith tape measure, fill it into the first row of the program, then click the calculate button.

Triangle: measure out three side length, fill it into the second row of the program, then click the calculate button.

Round: measure out the radius, fill it into the fourth row of the program, then click on calculate.

you can download our free program through links below

Square Footage Calculator exe format

Square Footage Calculator rar format

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